[Tutorial] How to Cheat Coins & Keys in Subway Surfers!

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How to Cheat Coins & Keys in Subway Surfers!

Important! game must be installed from our website and not from the shop! Get it here ,Otherwise you will not be able to fill in the save file.


1) Install the game from here

2) Install a utility Windows Phone Power Tools . Important! SDK must be pre-installed.

3) Connect the phone, start the Windows Phone Power Tools.

4) is connected to the device, push the button on the left “Isolated Storage”.

5) Select in list Subway Serfers, unfolds. If you are already running a game, then we find there files onlinesettings and playerdata . Delete them. If installed and not running. there must be empty.

6) Download files from the link . Download

7) Go back to the WPPT. Push the “Put File” and select the file you just downloaded. The file should appear in the list or update.

8) Go to the game and go through training or just doing a “race.” Rejoice 888888888 888888888 coins and keys. Do not forget to say thank you!


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