[New] Some 512mb Devices will get the Windows Mobile 10 Preview

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When Microsoft wanted to launch Windows Phone 8.1 update ,was of the most important things that has sent comfort into the hearts of the users, is that all the devices that had been working with Windows phone 8, will get this wp8.1 update, but with all new Operating system from Microsoft , known as Windows 10 the question is whether you will get Windows Mobile 10 phones with a 512 Mb device ?

Today, the director of engineering at Microsoft Corp. responded to many questions ,via his personal account on Twitter as the Picture shows, that Microsoft plans to launch a copy of the special system of Windows 10 for some devices with 512 Mb .

It is not clear from this Tweet What are the phones that will get the update, but is it saying that some phones will get a preliminary version of the new system.

If you own a 512mb device , wait your chance of getting the new update if you in Windows insider program, and tell us in the comments if you got anything new.


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