How To Hack & Unlock Fifa 14 windows phone Full version

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Hack Fifa 14 windows phone to Full version (1gb Ram only)

In this trick we will show you how to unlock fifa for full version.You have to download the xap from our site. Store Xap will not work.

Follow these steps:
Download and Install XAP Fifa 14 (download here)  through the Windows Phone Power Tools (here ).
Start the game, then quit.
Open Windows phone power tools.
Click on the tab “Isolated Storage” and open the folder ” FIFA 14 “
Download this archive file – Fifa 14 hack to Full version.
Delete the archive folder “_storage”
Delete from Isolated Storage FIFA 14 folder “_storage”
In Windows Phone Power Tools, click “Put Directory” and import the retrieved from the downloaded archive folder “_storage” in the WPPT.
Ready, XAP FIFA 14 and you hacked available modes tournament, coach and others.

Enjoy the full version

PS : Always buy genuine apps & games to support the developers. Please dont use patches unless you cant afford to buy it or if apps are not supported for your region


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