Backup and Reset Your App's Cache / Data with Data Manager For Windows 10 Mobile

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What is "App Data Manage" ?:

App Data Manage Tool is a tool for Windows 10 Mobile devices to create backups for your save game or cached data for your apps and games, to restore them later, or use them again in another phone, or after a factory reset.

Additionally, you can Clear cache/data of apps or games , which is almost the same as reinstalling them, but much faster  and also it can be done on some system apps (which you can't reinstall them).
Please Note :
This App require introp unlock ( Learn how to introp unlock )

How it's work ?:

The app is very easy to use , 
Select a app and then chose "Reset App" to clear cache/data , Or  "Create Backup" to make a backup.


How to Install ? :

Installing App Data Manage Tool .
Download the .zip file 

Copy extracted .appx to your phone
install the app from your File Manager
and share this post.

Download App Data Manage Tool Beta


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