[JAILBREAK][ROOT] Interop Unlock for Windows 10 Mobile

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كل ما تحتاج معرفته عن الانتروب انلوك لويندوز 10 موبايل

What is Intorp Unlock:

Interop Unlock is a process that allows the user  to modify the system and full access to a sensitive files and Acces a wonderful possibilities and unlimited Features. We can say it is a little like ROOT on Android Devices.

Now with Windows 10 Mobile it became very easy to do introp unlock even without  any computer, and there is more greater power than before.

Microsoft is trying to break our hack through blocking "NdtkSvc" on Lumia. So the hack currently doesn't work directly on Lumia 950/550 or later. Even if you updated extras+info on any lumia you will loss Service Access. So Stay Away from Extras+Info***


The Interop Unlock has too many benefits, some of them are:

1. The possibility of Change  system fonts

2. add additional columns in the start screen

3. Custom accent Color 

4. Change the notifications sounds 

5. Upgrade unsupported phones 

6. charging a switched off phones

7. change the logo that appears when the phone is booted

8. change system icons

9. install applications from outside the store

And lots of great benefits.

Can I remove Interop Unlock?

Yes, you can with a  factory reset

Now this is getting boring , Let's Stop this and move on to HOW TO INTEROP UNLOCK WINDOWS  MOBILE.

Here's a quick how to (for Lumias except x50 series):
Download Interop Tools by Gustave M. (ARM version) and its Dependencies from Attached Files below and copy them to your phone.
Set your phone to Developer Mode (from Settings, Update & security, For Developers)
Tap on each of Dependencies from File Explorer, then tap on Interop Tools appx.
Open Interop Tools from app list, go to "Interop Unlock", tap on "Restore NDTKSvc" and then reboot your phone.
Open Interop Tools again and go to "Interop Unlock", now tap on "Interop/Cap unlock".



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