[Video] How to Run Continuum for unsupported Windows 10 Devices

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Continuum: looks like a phone, does like a PC

Windows 10 has a clever feature called Continuum , which knows which device you're using and switches the user interface to make it suitable for PCs, 2-in-1 devices, tablets, or even turns your phone into a PC. But unfortunately this features is unsupported on many windows phone devices.
In this Tutorial You will be able to run Continuum on any windows 10 mobile.
Lets Go !
- PC
- Windows 10 Mobile with 14393.221 build or better

- Interop Unlock ( Learn How)
- Internet Connection

First , Back up all your files

If you find this tutorial Difficult ,There is a Video Tutorial Made by windows-arabia.com (In Arabic) , Here
1- Download this file , extract it

Note: the folder's name
you extracted the file should not contain spaces. The path should be shorter.

2- Download iutool on your computer.

4. Extract the tool to a specific folder , different from the previous file folder
5. Open a command editor "CMD"  as Admin.
6. Enter the cross-CMD to the folder you extracted iutool
7. Enter this command "iutool -l" .
You'll see your phone's information
8. Insert this command  "iutool -V -p path of the folder you put in the previous file"
NOTE: If you see a error message ,  on your phone open the settings update and try again
9. wait until the cmd install files to your phone and your phone will restart.
10 - Enter  interop tools from your phone
Go to  Registry Editor
11-Enter the data as follows
Change Registry type to Integer
Type this in the Registry key path :
SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ shell \ docking
Type in the Registry Value Name:
Type in the Registry Value Data:

And then restart your phone
After the restart the phone Continuum will be activated in your phone successfully


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